Fam. Sautter | Germany, Stuttgart

Welcome to the Sautter family in Stuttgart

We are pleased that you found the way to our website.

On these pages you will find up to date information about our family and relatives.

At the same time it is our goal to offer a platform for those family members who use the new media to stay in contact between the annual family reunions. Internet may be able to bring together those who have not been in contact for a long time and establish contact between people who would otherwise never meet.

A separate secure area for our relatives will enable them to inform themselves about their extended family, to read about the last reunions and find out about the latest family news.

This website is intended to revive the tradition of the „Schwabenzeitung Birkach“.

Our goal is,

  • to encourage the contact between the families
  • to provide family members with access to a password-protected area where they can find information on family news and addresses
  • to improve knowledge about the family within the family
  • to offer support to those interested in genealogical research.

Furthermore we welcome guests to this website who came across us during their genealogical research and wish to obtain further information. The protected area for family members which can only be accessed via password contains the complete family tree. Upon special request parts of the family tree can be made available to interested persons.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website.

The Sautter family